Klamath Center for Education and Training

Klamath Center for Education and Training

Start your journey toward a more successful future — both in college and in the workforce — at the Klamath Center for Education & Training (K-CET). An innovative partnership between Southern Oregon Goodwill and Klamath Community College, K-CET offers options for adults who want to improve their educational and career opportunities by earning a GED certificate or increasing their knowledge of English as a second language.

A good education is an important first step to success in finding a job, and in today’s uncertain economy, education is even more crucial in building a career.

K-CET provides a variety of resources to ensure your success:
  • An employment specialist to help you build a personal goal plan for further education or job development, placement, and support;
  • A college navigator to guide you to continued education at KCC and beyond;
  • Access to scholarships or tuition support for your education;
  • A dedicated online instructor to guide you if you are studying online;
  • Job coaching and job skills development;
  • Help creating a plan for your success;
  • A safe place to learn in a respectful adult environment;
  • And the opportunity to learn at your own pace within your life’s schedule.
K-CET Offers:

Adult GED/ABE Classes
General Educational Development (GED) prep and Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes are designed to evaluate students’ needs to know their individual starting level before they even begin taking classes. Our instructors then work closely with students to tailor course work for them as they study writing, science, language arts, math, keyboarding and workplace skills. The goal of ABE and GED classes is for students to be able to pass the GED tests with confidence and ultimately earn a GED certificate. Day and evening classes are available in both one-on-one and cohort-based instruction.

Adult ESL Classes
English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are designed to help non-English speakers improve their skills in speaking, reading and writing in English. Day and evening classes are available in both one-on-one and cohort-based instruction.

All K-CET students are members of the KCC student body and can access all resources available to registered students. There is a $5 student ID fee payable when you register and it includes free use of Basin Transit Service buses.

The K-CET staff is ready to help you achieve your educational goals.

K-CET staff

GED Instructor Joseph Long, left, ESL Instructor Tessa Gutierrez, Program Manager Raquel Poteet, GED Instructor Aaron Croxford, and Employment Specialist Kevin Lockett welcome students at the Klamath Community College Campus. Not pictured are Virtual GED Instructor Emma Cornell, who teaches online courses from Lakeview, and GED Instructor Emily Hockett.


Raquel Poteet, K-CET Program Manager