Recycle E-Waste

Recycle E-Waste


Since January 2010 computers, monitors and TVs could no longer be disposed of in the garbage or at disposal sites such as landfills, transfer stations and incinerators in Oregon.

In partnership partnership with Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Goodwill’s E-Cycle program is intended to raise awareness of the importance of responsible computer and television disposal and provide residents with a free and convenient way to do the right thing with their unwanted e-waste.

While computers and televisions do contain some environmentally sensitive materials, these materials can be safely removed or recycled, but only if the e-waste is kept out of landfills in the first place.  E-Cycle provides an environmentally responsible solution for computer recycling.

E-Waste Drop Off Locations

Significance of Program to Region

All proceeds recovered from the recycled e-waste go to Goodwill to support job training and employment services programs.


How to Recycle Computers or Televisions

Consumers can drop off computer equipment and televisions at any participating Goodwill location throughout the region.  To find a location near you, call Goodwill at 541 772-3300 or 888 5 ECYCLE (532-9253).

There is no charge for dropping off computers or televisions at Goodwill or any registered E-Cycle location.  Any brand of either item is accepted.  Goodwill and Oregon E-Cycles assume no liability for personal or confidential information left on computers.  It is recommended you erase all data before recycling.  Customers are responsible for removing data from their hard drives.

Customers may be able to take a tax deduction for their donation.  Goodwill will provide donors with a donation receipt at the time of donation. Customers are encouraged to check with their tax advisors for more information. View the IRS Guidelines.