Financial Gifts

Financial Gifts

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Your financial gift to Southern Oregon Goodwill strengthens our local community and helps put people to work. In 2020 more than 5,000 people in Southern Oregon and Northern California will gain skills and find meaningful work. 85% of your financial gift supports our mission services and programs! Give today and help write the success story of someone tomorrow.

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If you’d like to know more about where your contributions go, please read about our local Employment and Training programs offered in our Job Connection centers. If you have questions about your financial gift, contact us at 541-772-3300.

Planned Giving

Interested in learning about Planned Giving? Learn about other options for making a financial donation to Goodwill.

Meet Dennis

At age 57, Dennis came to Southern Oregon Goodwill® to pursue his dream job. He was frustrated doing landscaping jobs when he wanted to work with computers. Dennis’s social interaction barriers, characteristic of Aspberger Syndrome, often left him misunderstood. He found his way to Goodwill Employment & Training office in Siskiyou County, where he met Hannah Schneider.

She saw his potential and collaborated with Far Northern Regional Center and Mountaineer IT, a Yreka small business, to create a paid working experience. Mountaineer IT’s Chris and Lloyd Thompson helped Dennis gain interpersonal skills with customer service and hands-on computer training.

Dennis was able to obtain IT certifications from what he learned on the job. Reflecting on his experience, Dennis said, “Goodwill changed my life for the better. My self-worth went up.”

Now more than ever, Americans need digital skills to land the jobs they want and advance in their careers. Technology-based jobs can offer 18% higher wages than those not requiring digital skills. Goodwill now provides digital skills training to help bridge the gap between job seekers and the computer skills needed for the emerging job market. Your generosity can help Goodwill serve more people, like Dennis.

You can read more about Dennis and other success stories in our Annual Reports.