Financial Gifts

Financial Gifts

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Today’s Gift. Tomorrow’s Bright Future.

A financial gift to Goodwill helps people find jobs and advance their careers. Invest in a better future for someone in your community.

Your donation helps provide job training and education programs and services for over 3,000 people in Southern Oregon and Northern California each year, giving them the skills and confidence they need to transform their lives and better support themselves and their families. By giving to Goodwill, you not only change someone’s life, you create a stronger local economy and a more vibrant community for us all.

Plus, because Goodwill is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, your financial contribution is a gift that helps others and gives you a tax break.

We make it easy for you to donate funds quickly and securely online. Donate now and find out how great it feels to support Goodwill!

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Learn about other options for making a financial donation to Goodwill.

Where will your contributions go?  Read more about Goodwill’s local Employment and Training programs. If you have questions about your financial gift, contact Julie Fletcher, Director of  Marketing and Community Relations, at 541-772-3300.

Why Give to Goodwill?

Your financial gift to Goodwill Industries of Southern Oregon strengthens your local community and helps put people to work. 86 percent of your financial gift supports our mission services and programs. Give today and help write the success story of someone tomorrow.