The Story Behind The Store

“Goodwill has changed my life.” – TRAVIS

I am the Story Behind the StoreTravis came to Goodwill for skills training and to seek work opportunities.

TravisTravis  had a four-hour a week job assembling pizza boxes but he wanted to earn a more sustainable income.

Goodwill paired him with a local store of a national clothing retailer for a job where Travis realized his full potential. He started working in the back production area unloading and sorting clothing onto a conveyor belt — a job that required a significant amount of speed and accuracy. Travis excelled as the fastest and most accurate employee at that task.

Store management and his Job Coach quickly realized that Travis’ skills could be put to use for greater value. He was soon working out on the retail floor where he organizes the racks and interacts with customers. He is now training to operate a register, which was once out of his skill and personal comfort zone.

Travis now works four days a week, splitting his week between two jobs that he loves and where his contribution is more than recognized, it’s valued by his boss and coworkers.