The Story Behind The Store

“Because you shop at Goodwill, I have a job.” – SUSIE

I am the Story Behind the StoreCommunity donations turn into jobs—like the one Susie now has at Marshall’s Department Store.

SusieA young woman on the Autism spectrum, communicating, change, and conflict were challenges to Susie’s community employment goals. Referred to Goodwill by Douglas County Mental Health and Disability Services, Susie focused on developing transferrable job skills while working in a retail environment.

The most important skills she gained were interpersonal —interacting with her supervisor and co-workers as well as responsibilities she has for her self-presentation, according to Tehren Randleas, Area Manager for Goodwill’s Mission Services in Douglas County. In Goodwill’s classroom environment, on-the-job training, and the one-on-one attention she received addressed her anger issues and managing her reactions to situations of change or conflict.

“I am very proud of Susie. She has transformed greatly in the five years I have known her.  When I first met her she was quiet and easily frustrated,” Tehren said. “Now she is a very happy individual who enjoys coming to work and seeing her co-workers. And when she does encounter issues, she can deal with them quickly and then move on.”