2017 Goodwill Story of the Year, Douglas County

“I am the story behind the store!” — SCOTT

I am the Story Behind the StoreAbilities recognized more than disabilities

Life dealt Scott Holland a variety of obstacles, starting with childhood trauma, but he doesn’t let his visual impairments or the challenges of a brain injury get in the way of his goals. He built skills steadily at Goodwill by taking classes, working in our Roseburg Goodwill store, and being part of a work experience program.

His goal was to work in the food industry. He landed a working interview at Papa Murphy’s to show his skills and instantly won over the team with his positive attitude and teamwork. “He’s very energetic, very happy and he fits very well,” said Nicole Bonner, Store Manager at Papa Murphy’s in Roseburg.

Scott is already looking forward to increasing his hours and training to take on additional duties at work.

“Scott has a sense of purpose and belonging because of Goodwill,” said Mendi Harnish, Douglas Resident Training Facility Program Director, who manages the group home where Scott lives. “He earns wages, but has gained friendships and valuable connections to his community.”

The Story Behind The Store