The Story Behind The Store

“I am grateful to have met Goodwill. The staff have truly inspired me to become a recruiter, to finish my education, and to continue with my goals.” – RANDI

I am the Story Behind the StoreThanks to your donations, Randi is investing in her education to improve her life-time earning potential.

For Randi, a single mother of three kids from ages 18 months to 9 years, walking into a Goodwill Job Connection Office was the key to gaining life balance  and confidence to make positive changes for her family.

Randi“A year ago, I thought my foundation was crumbling. Some of the biggest challenges I was facing were not having the support I needed in order to seek out childcare or how to find the childcare right for the needs of my children,” said Randi, who found the Josephine County Goodwill office by fate. “My children and I didn’t have a car for a long time. So one day we were walking and my 5-year-old was tired and stopped right at Goodwill’s doors. We went in and they welcome us with open arms.”

Inside, Randi discovered Goodwill workforce development and family strengthening programs with staff eager to help her. After a few months of working on her employment assessment, job skills development, self-presentation, and sharpening conflict management tools, Randi was ready for her new job as a seasonal recruiter with First Call Resolution call center. She’s also taken steps to earning her GED and creating a new future for herself and her children.