The Story Behind The Store

“Goodwill gave me a good perspective on myself and my life —what I could become, and what I am becoming.” – JUSTIN

I am the Story Behind the StoreBecause you shop at Goodwill, Justin’s past mistakes are not holding him back from becoming a man focused on family and career.

JustinThe man Justin was five years ago is radically different from who he is today.  As a sober and committed father of four, getting clean didn’t sponge up his criminal record.

“He filled out approximately 120 applications and went on 15 or 20 job interviews. He was starting to get discouraged filling out so many job applications and going on interviews to have so many doors close or never open,” said Shiloe Rivas, Goodwill Program Specialist.

She explained that when Justin revealed all of his criminal record to potential employers their impressions of him changed as did their interest in hiring him—regardless of how much he has been rehabilitated. “It was just door, after door after door shut in my face, but everyday I kept telling myself ‘today is the day I’m going to get a job,’” Justin said. This type of confidence, motivation, and persistence eventually led him to the right employer who saw his potential, not his scarred past.

Justin is in his employer’s management training program and feeling confident. He is a strong role model for his kids. He is also an advocate for “Ban the Box” movement to help other ex-offenders get in the door with potential employers and landlords.