The Story Behind The Store

“Because you donate to Goodwill, I can live on my own.” – BEVIE

I am the Story Behind the StoreWhen you clean out your closet think of Bevie and the pride he has living on his own.

BevieBevie has a dual diagnosis of psychosis and a developmental disability. Because of this he had been under the care of his grandparents most of his life and in extreme cases had been institutionalized. When his grandparents passed away, he wanted to remain independent but he lacked basic life skills. That’s  when Goodwill and Bevie connected.

“Bevie always tells me that he knows he has a disability but that is not going to stop him from doing what he would like,” said Theresa Rifenburg, Program Manager at Goodwill Siskiyou County. She travels a few days a week to Mt. Shasta to transport him nearly 80 miles roundtrip to Goodwill program activities in the Yreka, CA office.

At Goodwill Bevie has received individualized attention to mitigate his fears and build his confidence. By volunteering in community projects such as the Rescue Ranch in Yreka, he has learned to manage interactions with people, how to advocate for himself, and how to seek assistance.

“He loves being a man. That’s what Bevie is most proud of. Just paying a bill, walking into town, or to do the simplest things like getting a photo developed are thrilling for him to do on his own. He’s come so far.”