2017 Goodwill Story of the Year, Josephine County

“I like the job and working with my team.” — ANNETTE

I am the Story Behind the StoreA dedication to improvement leads to the right job

Annette Rowe came to Goodwill seeking assistance in finding and keeping a good job. She needed assistance of a job coach because of difficulties remembering daily tasks due to her disability.

Goodwill job coaches saw cheerful and easy-going Annette’s desire to have a steady job with an employer who would help her grow. They connected her with Denny’s, which offered her a part-time, supported position in the busy restaurant.

“She needed to learn when her breaks were and also the motions of what it takes to be a dishwasher,” Goodwill job coach, Asa Rockwell, said. ”Management really likes her and they call her to come in before anyone else …”

She is thriving in an environment of positive reinforcement and her hours have increased because of her performance.

“Annette is one of the most dedicated employees I’ve ever seen. She wants to succeed and to do well. I will always take that type of individual on my team,” said Alysse Carlson, General Manager at the Grants Pass Denny’s.

The Story Behind The Store