2017 Goodwill Story of the Year, Siskiyou County

“Thank you for supporting Goodwill and helping me find the perfect job.” — ADAM

I am the Story Behind the StoreAn enthusiastic employer finds the perfect match

Adam Beals came to Southern Oregon Goodwill for help finding meaningful work with growth potential. He had many basic skills and natural talents, but he also had some challenges related to his autism diagnosis and anxiety. Working with his job coach, Hannah Schneider, he completed a variety of assessments, classes, and career explorations at Goodwill.

“When Goodwill started talking to him about better things available in the community, I was overjoyed,” his mother, Susan Beals, said. “He is somebody who is worth so much, but isn’t always seen that way,” she added.

The perfect opportunity arose when Siskiyou Central Credit Union attended a Story Behind the Store Celebration in 2017 and wanted to be part of it. About one month later, Far Northern Regional Center funded an internship program and awarded it to Adam. He enjoys helping others with various tasks; a special project used his graphic design and computer skills to create a T-shirt logo for the credit union’s Young Entrepreneurs Succeed camp.

Adam is committed to his community. He serves on a Far Northern Regional Center board, representing and advocating for other adults with disabilities, and is an active member of Kiwanis.

The Story Behind The Store