Veterans Preference Program

Veterans Preference Program

Serving Those Who Have Served Us

Southern Oregon Goodwill® is proud to serve the brave men and women who have sacrificed to serve our country. Goodwill’s Veterans Preference Program is a veterans cohort which provides employment services and peer-to-peer support on their new career journey. Services include work experience at Goodwill, active case management with Employment Specialists, job placement, and help writing business plans.

Cohort Features
  • Veterans referred to Goodwill for work experience will be placed in a work environment utilizing their current skills, while also providing opportunities to gain new skills.
  • Participants will receive an Employment Specialist who will: help strengthen their skill sets through training and mentoring, address any areas of needed improvement; address other situations which could inhibit securing and maintaining employment; and help place them into a meaningful career matching their aptitude, experience, and desires.
  • Participants will have free access to Southern Oregon Goodwill Learning Lab classes, including admission to all classes (GED, vocational certification, computer skill building, etc.).
  • Participants can apply to in-house job postings at Southern Oregon Goodwill seven days prior to the job being posted to the public.
  • All participants will be part of a special veterans cohort within Southern Oregon Goodwill, which meets for a monthly luncheon, led by a Southern Oregon Goodwill employee who is a veteran. The luncheons offer confidentiality within the cohort providing an open forum with other veterans to address topics of common interest or concern.
  • Participation is voluntary and members can choose their length of engagement

For more information and to connect with the program, veterans can visit the Goodwill Employment & Training offices in Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties or call the Area Manager for each office:

Douglas County: Allena Wilson, 541-677-0275 or allena.wilson@sogoodwill.org.

Jackson County: Royce Flores, 541-772-3300 or royce.flores@sogoodwill.org.

Josephine County: Royce Flores, 541-772-3300 or royce.flores@sogoodwill.org.

Klamath County: Amber Wagner, 541-884-9642 or amber.wagner@sogoodwill.org.