Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

asset management

The Road to Financial Independence

Southern Oregon Goodwill partners with Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) to help individuals achieve financial health and security. The service helps people consolidate bills into one monthly payment; waive or reduce interest charges; eliminate collections calls; obtain a copy of a credit report and score; and learn how to use money and manage credit.

Counselors from CCCS are available every Thursday at various Job Connection offices throughout Southern Oregon. When scheduling an appointment, state which type of CCCS service is requested: credit counseling, a credit
report, or both. Allow approximately one hour
for the meeting.

Contact a local Job Connection office during business hours to schedule an appointment:

Grants Pass: Miriam Seabaugh – – 541-955-5253

Klamath Falls: Rich Ortiz – – 541-884-9642

Medford: Dave Gall – – 541-772-3300 x 1041

Roseburg: Dana Fairchild – – 541-677-0275

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