Family Stabilization

Family Stabilization

Family Stabilization

Family Approach to Sustainable Employment

According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, the most effective way to help at-risk, low-income children and their families is through programs addressing both parental employment and parenting skills. Southern Oregon Goodwill’s Family Stabilization program was designed with those recommendations in mind. Free to parents, the program is designed to provide families with education, tools, and support to achieve independence and self sufficiency.

Goodwill case managers work with families through home visits, classes, and coordinating related family services with community partners. The ultimate goals for Family Stabilization are to help reduce the incidence of child abuse/neglect; provide parents with job and life skills to move them toward financial stability; and decrease the probability of generational poverty for their children.

Program participants will have access to:

  • Attend classes with topics from parenting (Parenting classes information) to financial literacy
  • Find emergency resources
  • Work with schools to find remedial assistance for children’s educational needs
  • Set clear goals for parents and entire family
  • Develop a plan with employer to help the parent excel in their career
  • Find support groups to build networks with other families


Southern Oregon Goodwill is now a part of a community resource for parents in Jackson and Josephine County called The Family Connection.  It has been a collaboration of numerous agencies that have come together to create unified resources to collaboratively solve issues facing local families. Goodwill’s parenting classes, Nurturing Parenting curriculum, and our Family Stabilization program are available resources that are referenced on The Family Connection website.