Basic Computer

Basic Computer

Basic Computer

Southern Oregon Goodwill® is launching community computer classes at Employment & Training Centers across the region it serves. By providing computer basics and knowledge about popular Microsoft Office programs, the classes will prepare people to use these critical workplace tools that can help them meet career and personal goals.

In discussions with local employers about workforce needs, Southern Oregon Goodwill repeatedly heard about the desire for job candidates with strong computer skills. By teaching basic computer skills, Goodwill can increase employment opportunities for job seekers and provide employers with a qualified workforce. The classes also are a good option for lifelong learners who enjoy gaining new expertise.

The courses include:

Computer 101: Ideal for novice desktop computer users as this class covers the basics at a pace appropriate for beginners.

Microsoft Outlook: Targeted to novice to intermediate users of Microsoft Outlook who will to learn how to optimize this powerful email and organization tool.

Microsoft Word: Introduction to using Microsoft Word covering the basics to get started, plus desktop short cuts and features for optimizing the tool for word processing and document creation.

Microsoft Power Point: Explores how to use PowerPoint to create basic presentations, plus more advanced features.

Contact Charlie Butler, Training Coordinator at Southern Oregon Goodwill, at 541-772-3300 or to inquire about registration and course catalog.