Goodwill asks public not to dump donations during Stay Home, Save Lives closure

Southern Oregon Goodwill Industries is asking people to hold off their donations at its locations while their doors are closed under Oregon Executive Order 20-12. Goodwill has eight stores in (Ashland, Central Point, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, Medford, Roseburg, Sutherlin, and White City) and is asking people not to leave donations outside of their local stores until those locations reopen. All of their locations are closed until further notice.

When the Oregon Executive Order 20-12 was issued on Monday, March 23, nonprofits were on the list of businesses that were deemed nonessential and were forced to close on Tuesday, March 24. Goodwill cannot open donation lanes to the public per the order.

“During normal times and our usual daily operations, Goodwill gratefully excepts community donations because they are the lifeblood to our thrift retail model. We maximize the value of every item donated to us to fund our mission to enable employment by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth,” said Julie Fletcher, Director of Marketing and Community Relations. “Without staff on-site, if people leave what they consider a valuable donation it becomes an illegal dumping act because without the presence of our staff at the donation time, we can’t control the damage that might happen due to weather or looting.”

Goodwill has illegal dumping signage posted advising that leaving items after hours is prohibited. Updated in 2017, the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 164.805 is a law against illegal dumping if unapproved by the property owner. Also referred to as “offensive littering,” ORS 164.805 has a maximum fine of $1,000.

Fletcher adds, illegal dumping is a nuisance to the surrounding homes and businesses and it adds costs to Goodwill to have dumped donations cleaned up and sent to the landfill. She asks if you see items piled up outside of Goodwill stores, please be kind and do not add on.

“Goodwill asks well-intentioned donors to hold on to your donations until we can reopen and thank our donors in person.”

ORS offensive littering law:

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