The Running Dead 5k & Apocalypse Party

Sponsored by Planet Fitness

The Running Dead 5K

Registration is now open!

The Medford Running Dead 5K sponsored by Planet Fitness is the most unforgettable fun run in Oregon! Chase or be chased, you choose. Register as an individual or teams of Humans, Zombies, or Placed Zombies. Placed Zombies don’t run, they are hiding on the course to steal flags*. Humans get an advanced start on running zombies but will encounter “placed” zombies who will be coming out of hiding at various spots along the 5K course! Humans strive to keep at least one flag at the finish line to compete for Ultimate Survivor for title and prizes. Zombies are vying to grab as many flags as possible in quest to be named King of the Zombies and snatch up the top prize at the Apocalypse Party.

In-N-Out zombie crew

Southern Oregon Subaru Kids Survivor Sprint! (ages 4-8 years)

The Southern Oregon Subaru Kids Survivor Sprint offers fun for children 4 to 8 years. Kids receive a race bib and will pick up some great swag along their race course inside Pear Blossom Park. Registration fee is only $10 until September 30, is $15 until Oct. 19, and is $20 onsite. Kids will be finished before the start of the 5K to cheer on those ages 9+ participating in the 5K.

Kids Survivor Sprint

About The Event

The Running Dead 5K is a charity event to benefit Goodwill’s job training programs in the Southern Oregon region including Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Lake counties and Siskiyou County in California.

It’s NOT a timed event, but an experience. The 5K is open to ages 9 and up. It is a non-violent, just-for-fun race. The only grabbing on the course will be for flags — for safety reasons no strollers, bikes, skateboards, or other wheeled equipment is permitted for runners.

The 5K course will culminate with the Apocalypse Party for runners, their supporters and general public at Common Block Brewing Co. The party features music, contests, prizes, food, beverages, vendors, games and contests.


How It Works

If you register as a human, your ultimate goal is to cross the finish line with at least one “life” remaining — you start with a belt with three flags. Humans who survive with at least one flag will be quarantined and will vie for King of the Survivors. If you sign on as a running zombie, your aim is to collect as many lives (flags) as you can for the purpose of becoming King of the Zombies at the after-party, the Apocalypse Party at Common Block Brewing Co.

*You can also be a “placed zombie” — meaning you pay $10 extra to have the luxury of not running the 5K course because you’ve been “placed” at a hiding spot along the route. Placed zombies can surprise running humans in a quest for flags.

Human runners: if all of your flags have been taken, you are NOT automatically transformed into a zombie and you may NOT take another runner’s flags, chase other runners, or pick up flags off the ground. Silly humans, flags are for zombies.

Bridal Party

Apocalypse Party at Common Block Brewing Co.

We’re excited to continue a partnership with Common Block Brewing Company, which will host the Apocalypse Party post-run and is providing every registered runner one $5 food and beverage certificate redeemable for one year from issue at Common Block Brewing Company! Note that the finish line is at Common Block Brewing Co. where you can redeem your certificate immediately for their fantastic food or brews. To get a certificate, you must be a registered runner with an assigned bib. Only one certificate per runner and each runner must show ID and bib to receive certificate.

Zombie Makeup

Makeup artists from Ro Sham Bo Salon provide free zombie makeup onsite, starting at 9 a.m., within Pear Blossom Park near the main stage.